Purpose of Resources: To increase or enhance awareness of Inspiring Education and the Ministerial Order on Student Learning using a variety of protocols and processes.

Wordle based on the Ministerial Order on Student Learning (#001/2013) compiled by the Calgary Regional Consortium

1. Deconstructing the Ministerial Order on Student Learning

Using literacy strategies suitable for all content areas

Guidelines for Use
Deconstructing the Ministerial Order Worksheet

2. Tag On

To help participants make connections and move from the known to the unknown, this tag on activity can start the conversation around curriculum redesign (competencies focus).

Guidelines for Use
Tag On Worksheets

3. Understanding the Ministerial Order for My Context

To determine relevant vs. irrelevant details when reading informational texts.

Guidelines for Use
Most to Least Important Worksheet

4. Understanding the Shifts

Submitted by Deb Nelson and Debbie Quick, Elk Island Catholic Schools
To determine the skills that fit under each of the 3 E's: An Engaged Thinker, Ethical Citizen with an Entrepreneurial Spirits. Understanding the provincial shirts and what will be the impact of these provincial shifts on students, teachers, parents and school based administrators.
Guidelines for Use
Understanding the Shifts - Graphic Organizer

Three E's Photo EIC Final.jpg
3 E's
Competencies Photo EIC final.jpg
Strategies Photo EIC Final.jpg

5. Highlighting attributed of competencies to current job advertisements.

Submitted by Rhonda Nixon, Edmonton Catholic Schools
Task: Highlight the attributes requested in this current job advertisement that parallel the competencies listed in this excerpt from the Ministerial Order on Student Learning. Rhonda felt it was important to use local job advertisements. She did this activity with junior and senior high school students and their parents and also with a group of principals.

6. I am going to like school.

Tools to facilitate dialogue about the ideas within the poem I am Going to Like School by Howard Chan.
I am going to like school.png