Purpose of Resources: To increase or enhance awareness of the elements of the implementation that are purposeful and designed to assist in developing a plan for implementation as it relates to Curriculum Redesign.
  1. Supporting the Awareness and Understanding of the Intent of Inspiring Education and Specifically Curriculum Redesign - These workshop materials were developed to support school leaders awareness and understanding of the intent of Inspiring Education. You can access members of the ERLC regional team to facilitate these learning opportunities or you may make use of these materials to facilitate your own learning opportunities.
  2. Professional Learning Session Designed for Leadership Staff - This learning opportunity will assist you in further developing your understanding of the vision of education for our 21st century learners that comes from Inspiring Education. You will have the opportunity to explore your role in this transformational change as well as develop strategies that will assist you in leading your team through these changes. We will engage in dialogue numerous protocols that will help you examine the new Ministerial Order on Student Learning and what it will mean to your role as a leader. These protocols can be transferred to your work as you support staff awareness, dialogue and understanding with all stakeholders. Overview of session.
  3. Readiness for Change Source: Scaling-up Brief, Dean Fixsen, Karen Blase, Rob Horner, Barbara Sims, & George Sugai, September 2013
  4. Cross Curricular Competencies Handouts - During presentations on Cross Curricular Competencies, participants can use this handout to think about discussion questions and reflect upon their understanding. Participants can use the space within the table to makes notes as the session progresses.

  5. Using the Guide to Support Implementation: Essential Conditions - After working through this activity you will have a working awareness of “//A Guide to Support Implementation: Essential Conditions//” document and a draft plan for creating awareness and understanding of the Ministerial Order on Student Learning (#001/2013).
    Please click on image to go to the link: Creating an Implementation Plan to Establish Awareness and Consistent Understanding of the Ministerial Order on Student Learning (#001/2013)
  6. Curriculum Redesign 101 for Leaders - Presentation from the Central Alberta Regional Consortium (CARC) - Zone 4 held a full day session for leaders to build capacity to lead and support dialogue and action in their school, school division and community. Topics include: 3Es, Shifts, Ministerial Order, Timelines, Standards, Cross-Curricular Competencies, Literacy and Numeracy Benchmarks. Documents shared include the agenda, PowerPoint presentation, reflection and sentence strips for choral reading.