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From Knowledge to Action

From Knowledge to Action shares the research supporting the transformational change imagined in Inspiring Education and how it will be applied for curriculum redesign. Summaries of the research based chapters are intended to provide an overview of the content. Making use of these materials to support awareness and understanding of curriculum redesign is the outcome. ( e.g., jigsaw, building background knowledge).

Chapter 1: Curriculum Development Processes

Chapter 2: Competencies

Chapter 3: Ways of Knowing

Chapter 4: Breadth and Depth

Chapter 5: Interdisciplinary Learning and Interdisciplinary Curriculum

Chapter 6: Flexible Timing and Pacing in a Variety of Learning Environments

Chapter 7: Responsive Curriculum For a Digital Age

Chapter 8: Student-Centered / Personalized Learning

Chapter 9: Assessment

Created by ERLC/ARPDC to facilitate understanding of the document From Knowledge to Action. Content is copied and condensed from the original. September 2013.